Internship seeker Deuxieme année à Sciences Po, section "Service Public"( Droit administratif – Economie – Sciences Politique – Droit privé – Droit de l'Union Européenne – Finances publiques ) ; Avec comme options : Marketing, Droit des obligations, Political Institutions of the United States of America Sciences Po Rennes Rennes on

Aim : to obtain a 7 – 10 month internship as assistant in the area of administration of justice, lobbying, marketing or finances

CV Code: 4f08bc8762ffa962
Date of last connection: 2012-01-17
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Miss Lo... Ro...
35000 Rennes

Prepared job(s): : Lawyer / Lobby / in Marketing / in Finances


School: Sciences Po Rennes 35000 Rennes

Education level: Deuxieme année à Sciences Po, section "Service Public"( Droit administratif – Economie – Sciences Politique – Droit privé – Droit de l'Union Européenne – Finances publiques ) ; Avec comme options : Marketing, Droit des obligations, Political Institutions of the United States of America 2nd year
Deuxieme année à Sciences Po, section "Service Public"( Droit administratif – Economie – Sciences Politique – Droit privé – Droit de l'Union Européenne – Finances publiques ) ; Avec comme options : Marketing, Droit des obligations, Political Institutions of the United States of America
Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +1
Last diploma : Diplome de 1ere année de Sciences Po ( économie -droit - science politique - histoire )
Current educational level : +2
Prepared job(s): : Lawyer / Lobby / in Marketing / in Finances

Duration of the internship: 7-10 month
Beginning of the internship:
2012-09-01 2013-05-01
Full-time Yes
Study-work program No
Geographical mobility from your place of residence : 11 >> 30Km


Known Tools / Software/ Methods : Microsoft Office : Word, Excel, Powerpoint Anglais courant, écrit comme oral Espagnol courant, écrit comme oral

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences : Permis B

Languages :
English : Fluent
Spanish : Fluent
French : Native

Cover letter

January 2012
in my second year in a french top school, SciencesPo Rennes, I have
to go to a foreign country for an internship for 7 - 9 months. This
placement will be very important and decisive for my curriculum,
because it will probably influence my choice of Masters Degree in two
years. Very interested in law, justice, and finance, I chose to
specialize in these subjects two years ago.
would be well suited to the position because I have taken a variety
of courses preparing me for a career in law and justice subjects,
which have enhanced my analytical abilities. I have also taken
several marketing courses, which will help me to work effectively on
project teams. Moreover, during my time as a trainee in a
bank, I extended my knowledge about the field of finance, I've
enjoyed negotiating with clients and this summer employment
reinforced my interest for this subject.

associative experience also taught me some essential qualities for a
job in your firm. I can work quickly, and even under pressure, I can
maintain high standards. I know how to develop, evaluate, and put in
place a project thanks to my political involvement, and I work not
only until the job is done, but also until it is well done. This work
for the french President of the republic has provided me with the
opportunity to work in a high-pressure, and team environment.
Finally, I have extensive experience with foreign languages, with
many language study holidays,
notably in New York and Boston. They have taught me independence and
adaptability, curiosity, and also a passion for traveling.
I would have the opportunity to develop my interests with this
placement. I am very enthusiastic to work for you, and feel
that my abilities and interests make me an ideal candidate. I would
welcome the opportunity to discuss further details of the position
with you personally, if you need further information, or if you have
any questions, please feel free to contact me.




    : Course of studies in Sciences Po Rennes ( a five year diploma
    specializing in political science – international relations –
    law – administration – economy and finance )

in my second year , Department Public Utility ( Administrative law -
Civil law – Economics – Political Science – Private law –
European law - Finance )
: Marketing, Contract Law, Political Institutions of the
United States ofAmerica. I've
chosen this curriculum because of my deep interest for law
and finance, and because it offers me a wide choice of
options which can fulfill my ambitions.

  • 2010
    : Baccalauréat général, equivalent to A-levels in Literature and
    Philosophy, obtained with honors

    a speciality in English

    : Theatre and Latin

and associative experience

  • 2011
    : Secretary and member of a group which organizes events in
    SciencesPo Rennes ; thanks to this organization, I've discovered how
    to create events, how to develop a communication strategy. For
    instance, we have notably organized the school gala.

  • February
    2011 : Participant at the Harvard Model United Nation ( a 4 days
    reconstitution of the United Nations in Harvard ). To have been
    selected for this event was an extreme honor for me, and enabled me
    to be more familiar with the field of international relations,
    acquire experience to speak in public, to react quickly and to build
    a project.

  • since
    September 2010 : monthly donor to the United Nations Chlidren's Fund
    ( UNICEF ). To be involved in an association is very important for
    me, and I feel deeply concerned for children's causes, all around
    the world.

  • July
    2010 : Trainee in a French Bank, La Caisse d'Epargne. I've gained
    experience in the financial field, learned how to build up a
    clientele, how to sell a product.

  • 2009
    : Member of the delegation of students which participated in the
    creation and the development of French high school reform,which has
    now been implemented.

    the French President of the Republic ,Nicolas Sarkozy, the former
    Minister of Education Xavier Darcos, and the director of SciencesPo
    Paris Richard Descoings. This experience enabled me to evaluate a
    project, and how to react in the political field. Moreover, I've
    learned how to work efficiently in a team.


    Word, MS Exel, Powerpoint, social network using


    : native language

    : fluently, good skills, both written and oral

    : fluently, good skills, both written and oral

    and interests

    • Music
      : synthesizer for 15 years , singing

      an instrument for so long has taught me rigorous behavior

    • S Horse riding , Dance, Swimming, Athletics

      particular, I compete in show jumping and athletics, and sport has
      made me a competitive person

    • Travel
      : notably United States of America, United Kingdom, China, North

    • Language
      study holidays (New York – Boston )

      have aroused my curiosity, an open-mindedness, and my language study
      holidays have helped me to improve my english. Moreover, I've
      learned autonomy and adaptability.

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